Biophilic Design

Preserved Moss
Wall Art Tiles

by egan visual

Bring nature indoors to your workspace with our Geo Preserved Moss Wall Panels, designed to blend nature with modern aesthetics.  

Product Overview

Preserved Moss Wall Art Tiles

Create calmer, healthier interior spaces by bringing the benefits of nature indoors. Adding natural greenery to your commercial building can help boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve general well-being in the workplace. The Preserved Moss Wall Art Tiles are available in six geometric shapes, with options for both framed and frameless designs, and come in two sizes.

Choose from five types of eco-friendly moss—Sheet, Reindeer, Pole, Mood, and Mixed Moss—in a variety of colors, including Reindeer Moss in 19 colors. These panels, which require no natural light or watering and little maintenance, makes them an ideal solution for incorporating green elements into various settings without the hassle of upkeep.


10-Year Surface

Custom Features

Printing, Custom Sizes, Fabrics, COM

Writing Surface

EVS Technology, Matte
& Magnetic Surface


GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Maintanance Free

These panels require no light or pruning, ensuring effortless maintenance.

Biodegradable Acoustic Panels

our acoustic panels are biodegradable, that promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact.


Our moss is 100% sustainably sourced, ensuring environmentally responsible design choices.

Endless Design Options

Specify from five types of moss, multiple colors, and various shapes in framed or frameless panels.

High Sound Absorption

Our framed moss on acoustic panels offers a high sound absorption value with an NRC rating of 0.70.

Available in six standard shapes, our tiles allow for the blending of colors and moss species to create a custom mosaic design.

Framed in lightweight acoustic PET material:

Choose from five varieties of moss—Sheet, Reindeer, Pole, Mood, and Mixed Moss—available in multiple colors, with Reindeer Moss offered in 19 distinct shades.

  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .70 demonstrating substantial sound dampening qualities.
  • Their lightweight construction ensures straightforward installation across various surfaces, simplifying the process without compromising on quality.
  • Available in six standard shapes, with options for both framed and frameless designs and are available in two sizes.
  • 5 five types of moss—Sheet, Reindeer, Pole, Mood, and Mixed Moss
  • Reindeer Moss is available in 19 vibrant colours. 
  • The preserved moss is framed in sustainable, 1.5” (38mm) wide and deep acoustic panels made from lightweight EzoBord.
  • Acoustic panels are available in 19 colours.

Sustainable Composition:

  • Comprised of 100% PET fiber with a minimum of 50% recycled content from water bottles, supporting sustainability initiatives and contributing to LEED MR Credit and BREEAM certifications.

Fire Testing:

  • Meets stringent North American and European fire safety standards, including ASTM E-84 Class A and EN13501-1: 2007.

Health and Environmentally Conscious:

  • Free from VOC’s, complying with CDPH v1.2 and REACH SVHC standards, ensuring a safe indoor environment

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