3D Plaster Art Panels

Sculpt Walls

by egan

Sculpt Walls is made from eco-friendly plaster materials, emphasizing both environmental sustainability and a heightened sensory experience.

Product Overview

Elevating Interiors with Textured Elegance

Sculpt Walls bring a distinctive style to interior spaces with their simple yet engaging design, featuring 3D textured parallel lines, combining art with acoustic properties. These lines are arranged in columns where the orientation alternates between columns, enhancing the texture and depth. This design not only adds visual interest but also enriches the tactile quality of the walls, making them a compelling alternative to traditional flat wall coverings.

Sculpt Walls offer exceptional adaptability, suitable for both full and partial wall installations. This versatility empowers designers to customize spaces by incorporating different materials and textures that align with their creative visions. Additionally, these panels can be precisely color-matched to any desired shade, ensuring they integrate flawlessly into a variety of design schemes.


10-Year Surface

Maintenance Free
Allergen Free

GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Visual and Sensory Elevation

Sculpt Walls redefine spatial aesthetics with its 3D textures, which is not only visually captivating but also invite tactile interaction, enriching the sensory experience of any interior.

Acoustic and Aesthetic Harmony

Designed to optimize sound quality, these walls disperse noise efficiently, creating quieter, more focused areas that enhance the overall usability of busy spaces.

Innovative Alternative

As a compelling alternative to traditional wall coverings, Sculpt Walls add unique character to any environment. They enhance the sensory experience of a space, making them not just wall coverings, but a statement of innovation and style.

Standard Laminate Options:

The VT500 AV Executive Conference Table is available in 16 standard laminate colors

Standard Veneer Wood Stains:

The VT500 AV Executive Conference Table is available in 6 veneer wood stains

Standard Dimensions:


  • Lap top Connection
  • Power Bar
  • AC4 Plus USB Chargers


  • Single TV Mount: Supports 37″ to 85″ TVs with an included camera mount.
  • Dual TV Mount: Accommodates two TVs up to 65″ each, with a camera mount included.
  • Tabletop Flat Panel Mount: Designed for a single TV, this mount can handle most TVs ranging from 37″ to 85″.

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