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Boxcore Dry-Erase Mobile Board

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The Boxcore Mobile Board features a minimalist aluminum frame that borders only the sides of the whiteboard, blending sleek design with functional innovation. Available with options in glass, acoustic materials, tackable fabric, or EVS Technology Dry Erase surfaces.

Product Overview

Boxcore Dry-Erase Mobile Board

The Boxcore Mobile Board enhances mobile presentation tools with its innovative design and functional features. It offers a range of surface options: EVS Technology™ for superior dry-erase performance, GlassWrite™ for a clear, customizable writing surface, and a tackable option for flexible material display. The design includes a minimalist aluminum frame that borders only the sides of the whiteboard, maximizing the usable writing area.

Maximized Writing Space

The Boxcore Mobile Board is distinguished by its ultra-thin, powder-coated aluminum bezel that reduces frame intrusion to expand the writing area beyond that of traditional whiteboards. With a slim profile of only 1 1/8” (29mm) and barely noticeable seams at its edges, the board provides a seamless writing surface, ideal for professionals who prefer a clean and expansive workspace.

Enhanced Stability and Nesting Design

The board’s stability and durability come from a sturdy base that connects to the body frame using Torx® bolts. These bolts offer exceptional seated strength and enhance the board’s appearance with a flush, sleek finish. The low-profile base and the distinctive Torx bolts allow for multiple Boxcore Mobile units to nest together, facilitating efficient and space-saving storage when not in use. 


10-Year Surface

Custom Features

Printing, Custom Sizes, Fabrics, COM

Writing Surface

EVS Technology, Matte
& Magnetic Surface


GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Two depths

The Boxcore whiteboard is available in two depths—29mm and 19mm—with frames made from clear anodized aluminum.

Mobile Bases & Casters

Standard options include white, black, and metallic, and option for custom colored casters.

Versatile Infill Options

The Boxcore Whiteboard offers infill options including glass, acoustic materials, tackable fabric, or EVS Technology Dry Erase surfaces.

Choose To infill The Boxcore With Glass

The Boxcore wall-mounted whiteboard offers the option to be infilled with glass, allowing designers to select from over 1500 standard backpainted glass colors at no additional charge.

Options & Finishes

Infill options include Dry-erase EVS Technology for smooth writing, durable glass surface, tackable fabric for pinning notes or sustainable PET acoustic material to enhance sound quality.

  • Surface Type
  • Glass, acoustic material, tackable fabric and EVS Technology Dry Erase surface.
  • Surface Features
  • Stain and bacteria resistant
  • Also Available In
  • Desk Dividers, Mobile Boards
  • Available in  standard Sizes with the flexibility to customize its dimensions
  • Robust, clear anodized aluminum frame for durability
  • Available in Presentation Mobile or TableScreen formats
  • Infilled options include EVS, glass, or Tackable substrates (Fabric or Cork)
  • Linked Mobile Configuration for collaborative spaces
  • Compatibility with magnets and Neo-Magnets
  • Guaranteed-to-clean surfaces for EVS and GlassWrite
  • EganINK™ offers limitless customization on EVS and GlassWrite surfaces




Model #


23 1/2"




23 1/2"




23 1/2"




23 1/2"




23 1/2""




23 1/2"



Customized Dimensions: Customers can specify their desired dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for any wall size or room layout.


  • EganINK: For personalized high-resolution printing on GlassWrite surfaces.
  • Customizable Base and Casters: Options for custom coloring to match specific design needs.
  • Custom Stain Frame: Allows for further personalization of the wood frame.

Designed for adaptability, the Architrave Board Series blends sophisticated design with practical features, making it suitable for dynamic professional environments.

Mobile Bases:

Base color standard white, black, metallic and option for custom color Casters


Torx® wrench includedShips with two (2) assorted color, Dry-Erase Markers and one (1) EganCloth.

Product Code

Weight lbs.

Box Width“

Box Height“

Box Depth“


Built Using EVS Technology

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