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Markerboard and Tackboard Sliding Wall System

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Egan’s Complete Wall System is a high-performance modular solution designed to optimize office organization and functionality. 

V-Series Mobile Boards connected together using 4-point and 3-point V-Series Mobile Boards. 

The surfaces feature EVS Technology and  EganINK Multi-Surface Printing.

Product Overview

Markerboard and Tackboard
Sliding Wall System


The Egan Wall System’s markerboards and tackboards offer an innovative solution for dynamic office environments. Featuring unique, adjustable corner mounts that slide effortlessly on and off, these boards allow for quick reconfiguration and can be hung in any orientation. The frames, finished in sleek EganMetallic, are available with various infill options including professional-grade EVS Technology writing surfaces, EganBoard Porcelain, natural cork, and tackable fabric in both neutral and vibrant colors.

Design Your Complete Wall System


The Track-mounted markerboards and tackboards feature unique, adjustable corner mounts that slide on and off. This design permits boards to reconfigure easily and hang in any orientation. Specify either EVS Technology or porcelain for writing surface choice.


The Complete Wall System can also be specified with natural cork, and tackable fabric in both neutral and vibrant colors. Combine different infills to create a versatile and functional board that meets all your workspace needs.

Egan’s Complete Wall System is a high-performance modular solution designed to optimize office organization and functionality. This innovative system offers a complete range of options, including cabinets, shelving, markerboards, and tackboards, all mounted on a discreet linear track

  • Surface Type
  • Glass, EVS Technology, Cork, Porcelain, Tack Fabric
  • Also Available In
  • Desk Dividers, Mobile Boards
  • Available in 8 standard Sizes with the flexibility to customize its dimensions
  • Designed to nest for easy transport and compact storage
  • Locking casters
  • Double-sided infill options include EVS, glass, or Tackable substrates (Fabric or Cork)
  • Clear anodized aluminum frame with silver powder-coat finish
  • Compatibility with magnets and Neo-Magnets
  • Guaranteed-to-clean surfaces for EVS and GlassWrite
  • Available in Presentation Mobile or TableScreen formats
  • EganINK™ offers limitless customization on EVS and GlassWrite surfaces

Choose from 5 unique track rail options to customize your setup.


Ships with two (2) assorted color Dry-Erase Markers
one (1) EganCloth
two (2) Egan NeoMagnets
Mounting cleats included for wall mount installation.
Egan Standard Mount Bracket (ACWALMB)

Product Code

Weight lbs.

Box Width“

Box Height“

Box Depth“


Built Using EVS Technology

EVS Technology addresses the core needs of professionals by improving functionality, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing space utilization. More than a mere whiteboard surface, it seamlessly integrates into multiple furniture configurations, from demountable walls to modular setups, ensuring aesthetic consistency throughout various environments.

Explore how EVS Technology offers a level of versatility that surpasses conventional whiteboard solutions and discover how its flexibility opens new project possibilities for architects and designers.

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