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Studio Storage Divider

by egan visual

Introducing the Studio Storage: a versatile solution for modern workspaces, serving as a space divider, collaboration tool, and storage unit in one.

From Left To Right:

Studio Wall Partition in landscape orientation. PET,  color 'Vanilla Cream'. Wood stain in color 'Barnboard'

Studio Wall Partition in Portrait orientation. EVS Technology premium writing surface. Wood stain in color 'Barnboard'

Product Overview

Studio Storage Divider

The Studio Storage is a versatile, multi-functional solution designed for dynamic working environments that require flexibility. This innovative unit serves as a space divider, collaboration tool, and storage unit all in one

Design and Functionality

The Studio Storage is thoughtfully designed to meet a variety of needs within the workplace. It can effortlessly divide spaces, providing privacy and structure, while also offering a platform for collaboration. The storage component is seamlessly integrated, ensuring that everything you need is within easy reach.

Surfaces & Materials

Choose from a variety of materials, including sustainable fabrics, acoustic panels, magnetic colored glass, and Egan’s proprietary EVS Technology writing surface, to enhance functionality and style.


10-Year Surface

Custom Features

Printing, Custom Sizes, Fabrics, COM

Writing Surface

EVS Technology, Matte
& Magnetic Surface


GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Studio Storage

Frame Options

Specify from 6 wood veneer stains or send us a color to custom match.

Versatile Infill Options

The Studio Storage Divider offers dual sided infill options including glass, acoustic materials, tackable fabric, or EVS Technology Dry Erase surfaces.

Print With EganINK

Print on fabric, glass, EVS Technology and other surfaces with EganINK Multi-Surface Printing Solution.

From Left To Right

Studio Wall Partition in Portrait orientation in thicker depth of 5".
Wood stain in color 'Driftwood.'

Studio Storage Divider.
Wood stain in color 'Driftwood.'

Options & Finishes

Infill options include Dry-erase EVS Technology for smooth writing, durable glass surface, tackable fabric for pinning notes or sustainable PET acoustic material to enhance sound quality.

  • Surface Type
  • Glass, acoustic material, tackable fabric and EVS Technology Dry Erase surface.
  • Surface Features
  • Stain and bacteria resistant
  • Also Available In
  • Desk Dividers, Mobile Boards
  • Frame is made from natural Oak
  • 6 Wood veneer stains with the option to custom stain
  • Infilled options include EVS Technology, glass, or Tackable substrates (Fabric, PET or Cork)
  • Compatibility with magnets and Neo-Magnets
  • Guaranteed-to-clean surfaces for EVS Technology and GlassWrite
  • EganINK™ offers limitless customization on EVS and GlassWrite surfaces










  • EganINK: For personalized high-resolution printing on GlassWrite surfaces.
  • Custom Stain Frame: Allows for further personalization of the wood frame.


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