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Wall-Mounted Enclosed
Glass Board Cabinet

by egan Visual

Designed for spaces that demand both privacy and collaborative engagement, the Glasswrite Enclosed Glassboard offers a three-panel design encased in a sturdy double-door cabinet. It functions as an information center, easily concealed to safeguard sensitive content. Engineered for longevity, the glassboard within withstands constant use, resisting ghosting, staining, and scratching, thus ensuring low maintenance.

Wall Mounted Enclosed Glassboard

The Wall Mounted Enclosed Glassboard can be personalized in a variety of colors beyond the standard back-painted white, allowing for seamless integration into any workspace design. It employs low-iron tempered safety glass, specifically PPG Starphire® and Pilkington OptiWhite®, to enhance readability through improved optical clarity and color vibrancy. The result is a writing surface that stands out even at a distance, promoting clear, engaging communication and the exchange of ideas.

Construction & Details

Egan Infinite Color Palette

 View our Material Library and choose from over 1500 standard glass colors 

  • Customize your wall-mounted enclosed glassboard by choosing from over 1500 colors to suit your collaborative workspace
  • Option to customize your interior infill – include tackboard in one of the panels
  • Option to Egan print on the door of the board

Construction & Details

      • Three-panel, wall-mounted enclosed glassboard in a double-door cabinet.
      • Magnetic glass surface resistant to ghosting, staining, and scratching.
      • Over 1500 colors available for glassboard to match collaborative workspace decor.
      • Ability to include a tackboard within one of the panels for added functionality.
      • Utilizes low-iron tempered safety glass for high optical clarity and vibrant color display.
      • Egan printing available on the door for customized branding or design.

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