TacMag Perforated Metal Bulletin Board

by egan

Upgrade your wall spaces with TacMag Perforated Metal Bulletin Board, a transformative solution that reimagines traditional bulletin boards into striking visual and functional elements.  

Product Overview

TacMag Perforated Metal Bulletin Board

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TacMag Perforated Metal Bulletin Board features a perforated steel exterior with options for cork or PET infill. It can also be customized with various colors or prints on the steel to match any design aesthetic.

Functional Artistry

The TacMag Display Wall Panel transcends the conventional bulletin board role, serving as a versatile canvas. It allows for any design to be printed directly onto the metal, transitioning the board from a simple organizational tool to an impressive piece of art when not in use. Designed to accommodate both tacking and magnetic use, it is perfectly suited for educational, healthcare, and office settings. Its sturdy construction withstands daily demands while preserving its visual appeal. also enhances room acoustics.


10-Year Surface

Custom Features

Printing, Custom Sizes, Fabrics, COM

Writing Surface

EVS Technology, Matte
& Magnetic Surface


GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Standard Dimensions

24”w x 16”h x 1”d
24”w x 24”h x 1”d
24”w x 36”h x 1”d

Available in 12 cork color options for the infill

Available in 16 PET options for the infill

Options & Finishes

The surface of TackMag features perforated steel, blending aesthetic appeal with multifunctional utility and sustainability. The perforations allow for tacking, while the steel itself is magnetic, offering dual-functionality for display needs. This design contributes to sustainability by using durable and recyclable materials.

  • Surface Type
  • Perforated Steel
  • Surface Features
  • Stain and bacteria resistant
  • Installation
  • Wall-Mounted













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