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Standing Rigging Wall Divider

by egan

The Egan Standing Rigging is a straightforward installation system that allows you to easily hang the Dimension Stele Boxcore using only the floor and ceiling as anchor points. This architectural-grade solution provides a secure and elegant display setup in any space.

Product Overview

Standing Rigging Wall Divider

The Egan Standing Rigging introduces a simple yet sophisticated solution for hanging displays like the Dimension Stele Boxcore. This architectural-grade system eliminates the need for complex engineering, enabling you to mount displays at any height using only the floor and ceiling as anchor points. The setup involves a robust 1×19 SSAC stainless steel wire rope that creates a tensioned assembly, ensuring stability and security.

10-Year Surface

Maintenance Free
Allergen Free

GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Tailored to absorb sounds above 250 Hz, :

      • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .31 for the 9mm thickness and .40 for the 12mm thickness, demonstrating substantial sound dampening qualities.
      • Their lightweight construction ensures straightforward installation across various surfaces, simplifying the process without compromising on quality.
  • Features:

    • Free from VOCs and formaldehydes.
    • Fire tested according to ASTM E84 A and CAN/ULC S102 standards.
    • 70% open to maintain lighting, airflow, and sprinkler functionality.
    • Constructed from 100% polyester derived from recycled water and soda bottles, using no adhesives or bonding agents.
    • Sound absorption rates of NRC 0.75 with a 50mm air gap and NRC 1.0 at mid to high frequencies.
    • Available in a 9mm thickness with a choice of 15 colors and 15 patterns.
      • Comprised of 100% PET fiber with a minimum of 50% recycled content from water bottles, supporting sustainability initiatives and contributing to LEED MR Credit and BREEAM certifications.
      • Meets stringent North American and European fire safety standards, including ASTM E-84 Class A and EN13501-1: 2007.
      • Free from VOC’s, complying with CDPH v1.2 and REACH SVHC standards, ensuring a safe indoor environment

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