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Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets

by egan visual

Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets from Egan Visual is our proprietary EVS technology surface backed onto a flexible magnetic sheet, designed to easily convert any metal surface into a high-quality, customizable dry-erase board.


Product Overview

Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets

Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets from Egan Visual is a magnetic sheet that transforms any metal surface into a versatile, high-quality dry-erase board. Utilizing our cutting-edge EVS technology, Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets offers an innovative solution for transforming metal surfaces into functional writing areas. This product features a magnetic backing, that can be installed on any metal surface without the need for adhesives or mounting hardware.

TheVersa Flex Magnetic Sheets is available in popular sizes, providing ready-to-use options for common applications. For those with unique spatial requirements, we offer custom shapes up to a maximum size of 84” x 47”. This flexibility ensures that The Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets can be tailored to fit a wide variety of spaces, making it an ideal choice for offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, and other environments where space optimization is crucial.


10-Year Surface

Custom Features

Printing, Custom Sizes, Fabrics, COM

Writing Surface

EVS Technology, Matte
& Magnetic Surface


GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Standard Features

Magnetic Backing

The magnetic backing allows for quick and easy installation on any metal surface, making it a flexible and convenient solution for a variety of environments that need a temporary or permanent upgrade, Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets can be repositioned as needed.

Made With EVS Technology

The EVS technology applied to the Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets ensures a smooth, durable writing surface that is easy to clean and resistant to stains and ghosting. This makes it perfect for high-usage areas where maintaining a pristine appearance is essential.

Versatile Applications

From corporate settings to educational institutions, the Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets enhances productivity by providing a writable surface anywhere there is a metal substrate. Use it for brainstorming sessions, presentations, notes, reminders, and more.

Customizable Sizes

Versa Flex Magnetic Sheets is available in popular standard sizes and can be custom ordered to fit specific dimensions, up to a maximum of 84” x 47”.

Options & Finishes

  • Magnetic Backing: Installs easily on any metal surface without the need for tools or adhesives.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in popular pre-cut sizes or custom shapes up to 84” x 47” to fit your specific needs.
  • EVS Technology: Provides a smooth, durable, and easy-to-clean writing surface that resists stains and ghosting.
  • Printability: Customize your VersaMAG with any design, logo, grid, or pattern for enhanced functionality and aesthetics.


Mounting cleats included
Standard mount is Egan Cleat (ACWALMB)

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