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Hardwood Framed Whiteboard

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Product Overview

Hardwood Framed Whiteboard

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The Dimension Hover Whiteboard is a 5mm magnetic dry erase surface featuring a discreet mounting system for a floating wall effect. This compact and minimalist design is not only versatile but also customizable. With options to print on the EVS surface, color the edge, and choose any size, the customization ensures a product tailored to your needs and preferences, maximizing both aesthetics and utility.

Featuring Egan’s exclusive EVS Technology TM, the Dimension Hover Whiteboard delivers a top-tier writing surface. Its anti-glare, guaranteed-to-clean matte surface ensures a clear, readable display in any setting. Designed for optimal visibility with its 160-degree viewing angle, EVS Technology is the ideal solution for technology-integrated workspaces.


10-Year Surface

Maintenance Free
Allergen Free

GreenGuard Gold & ECVP Recycled Content

Available in six standard shapes, with options for both framed and frameless designs




Sustainable Acoustic Frames

The preserved moss is framed in sustainable, 1.5” (38mm) wide and deep acoustic panels that are made from lightweight EzoBord and available in 19 colors.


Bamboo Frames

Preserved moss can also be infilled in a bamboo frame, applicable to only the Hexagon shape.

Acoustic panels are available in 19 colors:

Mood Moss:

Mixed Moss:

Pole Moss:

Sheet Moss:

Reindeer Moss:

Construction & Details

  • Available in 8 standard sizes with the flexibility to customize its dimensions.
  • Offered in 5mm depth.
  • Dimension Hover Whiteboard’s writing surface is made with EVS Technology – an advanced multi-functional writing surface. Built for high-traffic environments, EVS offers guaranteed cleanliness, anti-glare and anti-microbial features, along with projection compatibility.
  • Frameless and Magnetic.
  • Our EVS Technology whiteboard surface is designed for digital printing, featuring EganINK, a high-resolution digital printing solution. This capability opens up possibilities to incorporate art and imagery into workplaces, hospitals, schools, transit areas, and more.
  • 10- Year Warranty​

Mix & Match With Fabrics

Customize With
Fabrics & Finishes

Enhance the functionality of your board with a selection from premium textures and colors offered by Maharam, Duvaltex – Guilford of Maine Collection, or Egan’s environmentally conscious acoustic solutions. Select from an extensive color palette and Integrate felt panels into the Dimension Curve Whiteboard to improve sound dampening or add a tackable fabric feature.


Print On Metal, Wood, Fabrics, Glass & Writing Surfaces

EganINK is an advanced digital printing solution aimed at transforming workspaces and educational environments. EganINK offers high-resolution digital printing on diverse materials including wood, metal, fabric, and our advanced EVS Technology surface.

Customize your Dimension Hover Whiteboard with tailored templates, artwork, or brand elements. 

EVS Technology

EVS Technology addresses the core needs of professionals by improving functionality, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing space utilization. More than a mere whiteboard surface, it seamlessly integrates into multiple furniture configurations, from demountable walls to modular setups, ensuring aesthetic consistency throughout various environments.

Explore how EVS Technology offers a level of versatility that surpasses conventional whiteboard solutions and discover how its flexibility opens new project possibilities for architects and designers.

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EVS Technology

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