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OVO Egan Technology Lectern

by egan visual

The OVO Technology Lectern combines style and practicality with a 17-degree angled, height-adjustable document platform, lockable storage, wiring grommets, and durable aluminum construction

Product Overview

The OVO Technology Lectern

The OVO Technology Lectern is crafted for professionals who need both style and practicality in their presentations. It features a 17-degree angled document platform with a front lip to keep reference notes in place. This platform is height-adjustable from 37” to 40” for ergonomic use and can be adjusted to a horizontal position, making it suitable for laptop use.

Storage and accessibility are key highlights of this lectern. It includes lockable storage to keep your equipment secure and wiring grommets for easy setup of laptops, tablets, and microphones. The below shelf storage measures 13”w x 4”d, tapering to 1”d at the front, providing space for additional items. Constructed from durable aluminum, the lectern offers a choice of real wood veneer or Smooth Etex finish for the perforated steel front panel, while the solid back panel is finished in black for a cohesive design. Two lockable casters on the presenter’s side ensure stability, preventing unintended movement.

Crown & Body Finishes In Etex

Solid Front Panel In Wood Veneer:

  • Document Shelf: Angled 19”w x 15”d with lip to keep notes in place
  • Below Shelf Storage: 13”w x 4”d (reduces to 1”d at front)
  • Height-adjustable document platform adjusts from 37”h to 40”h
  • Document Platform, Crown and Casters finished black only
  • Document platform edges include soft rubber grips
  • Perforated steel panel finished in Etex or solid panel finished in wood veneer.
  • Light – 6” electric goose neck lamp complete with dimmer switch
  • Clock – Liquid Crystal Display clock with front control buttons. The clock is flush-mounted in the top right corner of the crown support. Battery included.
  • Power Strip – 6 outlets with a 4’ cord. Mounts in the back of the document platform storage area
  • 24 5/8”w x 43 3/4”h x 25 9/17”d, T3LS (Laptop Shelf)
  • 24 5/8”w x 43 3/4”h x 25 9/17”d, T3TM (Touchscreen Monitor)

Product Code

Weight lbs.

Box Width“

Box Height“

Box Depth“






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