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AVA Height Adjustable Technology Lectern

by egan visual

The AVA Lectern is a versatile, height-adjustable, podium with a sleek wood veneer finish, equipped with cable management, an equipment cabinet, a power/data module, and a pull-out shelf for a comprehensive, ergonomic presentation solution.

AVA Height Adjustable Technology Lectern

Product Overview

AVA Height Adjustable Technology Lectern

The AVA Lectern is a versatile and accessible podium that provides exceptional functionality and offers an all-in-one presentation experience. Designed to meet ADA standards, this height-adjustable lectern features a sleek and modern design in a wood veneer finish with a solid color base and top. The lectern can be adjusted in height from 31 ½” to 42 3/8” to accommodate presenters of different heights or wheelchair users, and features a pull-out shelf for additional space.

In addition to its ergonomic design, the AVA Lectern is equipped with a range of features to support your presentations. The top of the lectern includes 1 ¾” diameter holes for cables, microphone restraints, or monitor arm mounting, and an equipment cabinet is located below the top that can be accessed through a user-side hinged door or an audience-side removable panel. This cabinet can accommodate standard AV rack mount frames or store loose equipment, and a power/data module is mounted flush with the top and includes 110V outlets, a USB charging port, and a cutout for a data jack.

Standard Features

Height Adjustable

Height adjustable from 31-1/2” to 42-3/8”

Finish Options

Can be specified in 6 wood veneer options and 3 standard top and base color options.

Pull-out "breadboard" for ADA use

Retractable surface for additional, wheelchair-accessible workspace.

The AVA Height Adjustable Technology Lectern can be specified in 6 wood veneer options and 3 standard top and base color options 

Finish Options

Top and Base Finishes

  • RH-2U power/data unit is provided with North American 120v, 3 prong outlet
  • Power height adjustment from 31-1/2” to 42-3/8”
  • Pull-out “Breadboard” for ADA use
  • • Built-in wheels on base for mobility
  • 1-3/4” diameter holes in top can be used as follows: Entrance or exit for cabling, microphone restraint, monitor arm mounting 
  • Removable front access panel and user side hinged door can be specified with optional locking
  • Optional locking for removable front access panel and user side-hinged door
  • Choose between white, grey, or black base and top
  • Choose between 8 different wood veneer options


Ships with two (2) assorted color Dry-Erase Markers
one (1) EganCloth
two (2) Egan NeoMagnets
Mounting cleats included for wall mount installation.
Egan Standard Mount Bracket (ACWALMB)

Product Code

Weight lbs.

Box Width“

Box Height“

Box Depth“


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