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Classic Wood Veneer Technology Lectern

by egan visual

The Classic Wood Veneer Technology Lectern blends sophisticated design with practical features, including ADA compliance, customizable finishes, secure mobility, and ample storage.

Product Overview

Classic Wood Venner Technology Lectern

The Classic Wood Technology Lectern is a sophisticated and functional piece designed to meet the needs of modern professionals in educational, corporate, and other professional settings. 

The lectern is available in ADA-compliant sizes, ensuring accessibility for all users, featuring an adjustable height for customization, ample knee clearance for wheelchair users, and easy-to-reach controls for user-friendly operation. Its secure mobility is ensured by two casters on the presenter’s side, allowing the lectern to be moved only by tipping it onto the casters, preventing unintended movement when leaning on it.

Lockable storage and wiring grommets provide a secure and convenient setup for laptops, tablets, and microphones, while the 17-degree angled surface with a bottom lip is ideal for holding reference notes, ensuring a comfortable and practical presentation experience. Additional features include an adjustable shelf, upper storage, lower cabinet and an adjustable shelf and lock to secure valuable equipment.

Standard Features

ADA-Compliant Features

The Classic Wood Technology Lectern features an adjustable height to meet the needs for different users, ample knee clearance for wheelchair accessibility, and easy-to-reach controls, making the lectern user-friendly for everyone.

ADA Compliant Sizes

Understanding the importance of accessibility, the Classic Wood Technology Lectern is available in ADA-compliant sizes. This ensures that the lectern is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. The ADA-compliant design considers height, reach, and maneuverability, providing an inclusive solution for all environments.

6 Wood Veneer Stains

Classic Wood Technology Lectern is available in 6 wood veneer stains.

Customizable Finishes and Colors

The Classic Wood Veneer Technology Lectern can be specified in 6 wood veneer options and 3 standard top and base color options 

Veneer Stains

  • Finished in Etex – 10 standard finish options, or custom stain available
  • Two casters on the presenter’s side assure the lectern can only be moved by tipping the unit onto the casters preventing ‘run-away’ when you lean on the lectern.
  • Lockable storage and wiring grommets for field set- up of laptops, tablets and microphone.
  • A 17 degree angled surface with lip on the bottom is suitable for reference notes.
  • Adjustable Shelf: 21 1/4”w x 12 3/16”d
  • Upper Storage: 20”w x 8 1/2”h x 17”d
  • Lower Cabinet: 22”w x 22”h x 17”d
  • Lower cabinet with adjustable shelf and lock to secure equipment
  • Light – 12” electric goose neck lamp complete with dimmer switch
  • Clock – Liquid Crystal Display clock with front control buttons. The clock is flush-mounted in the top right corner of the crown support. Battery included.
  • 24 5/8”w x 43 3/4”h x 25 9/17”d, T3LS (Laptop Shelf)
  • 24 5/8”w x 43 3/4”h x 25 9/17”d, T3TM (Touchscreen Monitor)

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