Working Together to Bring Ideas to Life

Client Case Studies

See all the ways we’ve worked hand-in-hand with clients across a broad range of industries and sizes to create visual communication solutions that fit their unique needs and environments.

The Company

See how our Custom Response service helped a multinational company with more than 195,000 employees transform their Chicago, IL workspace in a way that would help build public trust and enhance value for clients and stakeholders.

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The MathWorks Inc.

Under tight timelines, we worked closely with a leading software developer to deliver an effective, fast and simple installation of our VersaPRO system for their head office campus expansion.

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See how we helped transform the look and functionality of 168 boardrooms on 29 floors of a Cleveland, OH skyscraper with VersaPRO floor-to-ceiling wall covering.

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Protenergy Vis Boards

Through our Custom Response Program, we worked with consultants and designers to create a professional-looking and durable visual system that displayed the brand’s custom graphics.

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U.S. Government Agency

See how we worked with this U.S. Government Agency to transform their open-concept environment to preserve the spacious feeling while promoting privacy.

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