Our approach to enhancing visual communication is built into all of our products. Discover a stunning array of products that continually improve your space and the way you work.


A frameless, tempered glass dry erase board, finished with polished edges, Egan GlassWrite boards are available as clear or frosted and with EganINK.

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Egan CR8 is a unique and purposeful way to organize your office and social spaces. The enhanced storage and file solution can be installed as a single unit, or can be stacked or arranged in multiples. This allows for ample storage and benching while at the same time adding interesting

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Dimension Stratus™

A stunning, dry erase presentation board that appears to float off the wall. The boards outside edges are raked back at a 15 degree angle towards giving it a levitating look.

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Dimension Mobile & GlassWrite™ Mobile

Egan offers a range of configurable, quality portable boards.

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Dimension Stele™

A guaranteed-to-clean, magnet and projection compatible whiteboard.

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TecTern™ III

With soaring lines and swooping expanses of clean space, TecTern III makes an intelligent statement about the presenter and the presentation.

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Create privacy and improve efficiency with Egan TableScreens - perfect for open office environments.

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GlassWrite™ PowerPlane® Table

A height adjustable, dry erase glass table. Settings are set to a minimum height of 25” and rises to a maximum of 50”. Comes with a wireless, Bluetooth app that remembers height preferences.

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Tacet™ Acoustical Panels

Help dampen noises in the office without compromising on appearance. The panels are available in 30”x15” or 15”x15” sizes, and come in 8 standard colors for mix and match configurations.

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