Anti-Microbial Surfaces

Our EVS Technology writing surfaces are anti-microbial, suitable for all workplace settings, ensure safety and hygiene for all healthcare enviornments.

Allergen free Fabrics

Our acoustic fabrics are sustainable and allergen free, offering quality design with a conscious approach to health and the environment.

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Egan Health


At Egan we understand that healthcare is about more than just treating symptoms—it’s about creating an environment that nurtures healing, fosters connection, and inspires hope.

Our team of experts are committed to creating healthcare spaces that meet the unique needs of each and every client, from hospitals to clinics and beyond. Our goal is to build healthcare environments that not only meet the immediate needs of patients and staff, but that can evolve with changing healthcare trends and technologies.

Allergen-Free Biophilic Design

Our biophilic design solutions for healthcare environments include allergen-free preserved moss wall panels and versatile biophilic planters. The moss panels offer a natural, green aesthetic without the allergens, ideal for maintaining air quality in healthcare settings. The planters are designed for durability and ease of maintenance, suitable for various plants that enhance the therapeutic atmosphere. Together, these elements contribute to creating a serene, stress-reducing environment in healthcare facilities.

Anti-Microbial Writing Surfaces

At Egan Visual, we understand the critical role that high-quality writing surfaces play in healthcare environments, where creativity, innovation, and collaboration are essential. Our range of writing surfaces, including specialized whiteboards and glass boards, is designed with anti-microbial properties to ensure safety in these sensitive settings. These surfaces not only enhance the functionality of healthcare spaces but also contribute to maintaining a hygienic environment, essential in medical settings.

Hospital Acoustics For Patient Well-being

In healthcare settings, the comfort and tranquility of waiting rooms are paramount. Our acoustic panels are specifically designed to enhance these spaces, providing an effective solution to noise management. Made from high-quality, sound-absorbing materials, these panels significantly reduce ambient noise levels, creating a more peaceful environment for patients and their families.

Available in a range of colors and designs, they can be seamlessly integrated into the existing decor of any healthcare waiting room, contributing to a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Their installation is straightforward and non-intrusive, ensuring minimal disruption to the healthcare facility’s operations.

Waiting & Administration Areas

In healthcare settings, waiting room areas are crucial for ensuring a comfortable and organized environment. To address this, we offer a unique divider system that significantly enhances your capacity to define and enrich these spaces in a distinctive manner. This system is not limited by wall attachments, offering greater flexibility in layout design.

Clients can choose from a variety of pliable materials to customize their divider system according to their specific needs. Options include Wood, Metal, and Felt, each offering a different aesthetic and functional quality to suit various settings

Enhancing Healthcare Waiting Areas with Print

Our custom-printed glassboards and EVS technology surfaces offer an effective way to create a calming atmosphere in healthcare waiting areas. These can be customized with tranquil designs or nature scenes, contributing to a serene environment. Durable and easy to maintain, they are ideal for busy healthcare settings, aiding in patient and visitor relaxation.

How We Work


Our Quickship service efficiently delivers standard offerings for immediate incorporation into your healthcare space.

Design and Build

Centering on standard options, the design and build process provides customized solutions solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each healthcare project.

Custom Manufacturing

Going beyond standard options, our offerings allow for tailored customization to suit individual needs and preferences.

OEM & New Product Development

We collaborate with customers to develop new products, aligning innovation with individual requirements.

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