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Aluminum Frame Markerboard

Feature EVS surface framed in a clear anodized aluminum with either curved or square corners. Aluminum Frame Markerboards are guaranteed-to-clean and magnet-compatible.

MES4848, MES6048, MES7248, and MES9648.

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Dimension Stele

A frame-less markerboard, Dimension Stele also features an EVS surface, is magnet compatible and guaranteed to clean. It's “vanishing edge” creates a clean, modern aesthetic with a 1” profile depth complementary to any design or environment.

DM4848, DM6048, DM7248, and DM9648

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GlassWrite MAG

Experience all the benefits of GlassWrite Colors with the added capability of magnet compatibility. GlassWrite MAG is backpainted glass bonded to steel, installed with cleat mounts for a secure, clean finish.

DGM4848, DGM6048, DGM7248, and DGM9648

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Marker and Cloth Trays

12” EganCloth Caddy and 12" EganAero Tray

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