New Product Development

Bespoke solutions for the architect & designer community.

We bring your unique furniture concepts to life, from the initial sketch to the final finishing touches. Our process is designed to ensure meticulous attention to detail at every stage, resulting in premium, durable products tailored to your specific needs.


Tailored for Innovation

Leveraging our advanced manufacturing systems, we are adept at handling both standard customizations and more complex, innovative product designs. Whether you’re an architect or designer seeking a unique piece or a full-scale product line, our program is structured to accommodate a broad range of requirements—from single bespoke items to larger production runs with continuous needs.


Collaborative Design and Production Process

At Egan, collaboration is at the core of our operations. Our team of skilled designers and engineers engage deeply with each project, turning unique ideas and specific requirements into practical, innovative solutions. We prioritize a partnership approach, valuing your input at every stage. This collaborative process ensures that all details are finely tuned and that the final products truly reflect the designer’s vision and functionality needs.


Expertise and Technical Precision

Our capabilities are further enhanced by our team of CAD specialists who are experts in high-quality cabinetry and complex product configurations. They are adept at quickly evaluating and responding to requests within the Custom Response Program, ensuring efficient and precise execution. 


Our collections are curated to provide not only durability and functionality but also to set new trends in architectural aesthetics.


Every project is unique, and so are our solutions. We specialize in bespoke solutions materials that meet the specifications and creative visions of our clients.


We partner with leading brands and innovators to bring cutting-edge solutions to the market, enhancing our offerings with the latest advancements in design.

Start A Project

For more details or to initiate your custom project, reach out to your local Egan representative. We offer personalized consultations to discuss your specific requirements, pricing, and delivery options, ensuring a solution that is perfectly aligned with your design aspirations and functional needs.

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Innovative custom architectural solutions tailored for architects and designers.

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