Dimension Stele Integral

The Dimension Stele Integral sets a new standard for design features and practical performance, now with a built-in marker tray

The stunning and defining Dimension Stele is now available featuring a wide marker tray completely integrated by being milled into the monolith. Maintain the look of Dimension Stele while adding the functionality of an integrated marker tray. Available in new standard portrait sizes.




Available in a range of standard sizes between 24”w x 48”h x 1”d and 120”w x 48”h x 1”d



Egan Versa Presentation Surface (EVS™) provides a matte-white surface with an incredibly low-gloss factor that’s guaranteed-to-clean.

Egan Grip

Use EganGrip to display flip-chart sheets and more by simply pushing paper up into the gravity-fed roller.

Ideal for Project

This product features a low-glare, no-hotspot surface that’s ideal for projecting onto.

Magnet Compatible

Use magnets on this surface to hold documents, spreadsheets, images and more.

Custom Color

We can incorporate a custom color of your choice for this product.

Custom Response

We will work with you to create a unique bespoke solution that suits your needs and workspace.

EganInk Compatible

Create unique grids, templates, notations or lettering to help organize, plan, and stay on track.

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