Egan Bold GlassWrite

The Postmodern Markerboard, another Egan first. Many new professional environments are embracing old elements and using them in new ways – polished concrete, exposed wood, and metal are everywhere. Complement those environments – or add a postmodern splash to another environment, with Egan Bold.

Egan Bold GlassWrite features a modern EVS™ infill or GlassWrite™ MAG infill for a guaranteed-to-clean finish framed in bold fashion in faux leather, denim, or your choice of fabrics. See Egan Bold for a EVS infill option.




Available in a range of standard sizes between 25-1/2”w x 37-1/2”h x 1-1/4” and 97-1/2”w x 49-1/2”h x 1-1/4”



Egan Versa Presentation Surface (EVS™) provides a matte-white surface with an incredibly low-gloss factor that’s guaranteed-to-clean.

Maharam Program

Choose from thousands of different Maharam fabric options in several grades.

Magnet Compatible

Use magnets on this surface to hold documents, spreadsheets, images and more.

Neomagnet Compatible

Use strong and stylish NeoMagnets to secure documents, spreadsheets, images and more to this surface.

Custom Color

We can incorporate a custom color of your choice for this product.

Custom Response

We will work with you to create a unique bespoke solution that suits your needs and workspace.

EganInk Compatible

Create unique grids, templates, notations or lettering to help organize, plan, and stay on track.

Custom Color in Volume

We will waive our custom-color setup fee with custom color orders of over six.

Customer's Own Material

Use a fabric of your choice if it complies with the quality standards and integrity of Egan products.

Customer's Own Art

We will faithfully reproduce your own artwork for a unique that’s truly your own.