Egan NeoMagnet

The Egan NeoMagnet features a neodymium core which allows for high holding strength for compatibility with Egan magnet compatible boards. A single NeoMagnet will hold approximately 20 sheets of paper on a magnet compatible EVS or glass markerboard.

The Egan NeoMagnet features an anodized aluminum body providing a modern design aesthetic and finish. The aluminum body reduces the incidence of magnets being stuck to each other, and makes them easy to separate if they do. In addition, the Egan NeoMagnet is built to last because the magnet core is protected by the aluminum body. You can expect a long service life that will look good throughout.




Available in standard size: 7/8” diameter.


Magnet Compatible

Use magnets on this surface to hold documents, spreadsheets, images and more.

Neomagnet Compatible

Use strong and stylish NeoMagnets to secure documents, spreadsheets, images and more to this surface.

Instant Ship

If it’s in stock and available, we can ship up to six of it within two business days.

Freight Included

Qualifying orders ship freight prepaid as a single piece.

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