Egan Tacet Acoustical Panels

Managing the acoustics in the modern workspace is on the minds of today’s designers and facility managers. With open spaces, the clacking of keyboards, and impromptu collaboration happening everywhere, you can transform your space by reducing the din. The Egan Tacet™ Acoustical Panels form visually interesting installations in small offices as well as shared spaces and provide an effective way to reduce ambient noise.

A single Egan Tacet™ Acoustical Panel requires four stanchions for installation. If installing one panel, order a starter kit. Additional panels can share stanchions along the horizontal edge, in which case Staxx can be specified.




Available in standard sizes 15”w x 15”h x 2-1/8”d and 30”w x 15”h x 2-1/8”d.



Egan EcoTack is an environmentally-friendly tackable panel available in standard and custom colors.

Custom Response

We will work with you to create a unique bespoke solution that suits your needs and workspace.

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