EganMosaic brings you the high design flexibility of individual tesserae coming together as a user reconfigurable collaboration wall.

EganMosaic is one of the most powerful, visually versatile and appealing surfaces available. The designer specifies a bespoke tile combination with dry erase space, tackable surface, magnet, custom graphics, and more, configured into a mosaic of workspaces, signage, wayfinding, note posting, whiteboard ideation, and even sound absorption. The unique and completely customized EganMosaic is tailored and catered just to the individual's liking with so many significant and visually stunning ways to communicate.




Available in size 16”w x 16”h and 16”w x 32”h which can be reoriented to portrait or landscape



Egan Versa Presentation Surface (EVS™) provides a matte-white surface with an incredibly low-gloss factor that’s guaranteed-to-clean.

Maharam Program

Choose from thousands of different Maharam fabric options in several grades.


Egan EcoTack is an environmentally-friendly tackable panel available in standard and custom colors.

Magnet Compatible

Use magnets on this surface to hold documents, spreadsheets, images and more.

Greenguard Certification

This product meets or surpasses some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.

Custom Color

We can incorporate a custom color of your choice for this product.

Custom Response

We will work with you to create a unique bespoke solution that suits your needs and workspace.

EganInk Compatible

Create unique grids, templates, notations or lettering to help organize, plan, and stay on track.

Custom Logo Option

Add your company logo or elements of you corporate identity to this product.

Custom Color in Volume

We will waive our custom-color setup fee with custom color orders of over six.

Customer Own Panel

Customize this product with your choice of infill.

Customer's Own Material

Use a fabric of your choice if it complies with the quality standards and integrity of Egan products.

Customer's Own Art

We will faithfully reproduce your own artwork for a unique that’s truly your own.

Freight Included

Qualifying orders ship freight prepaid as a single piece.