Flipchart Assembly

Product Code: EETBFC, EMTBFC

Flipchart Assembly

Product Code: EETBFC, EMTBFC

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A Whiteboard that checks all the boxes


Egan Versa Presentation Surface (EVS™) provides a matte-white surface with an incredibly low-gloss factor that’s guaranteed-to-clean.

Ideal for Project

This product features a low-glare, no-hotspot surface that’s ideal for projecting onto.


Projection Compatible

The matte surface reduces glare and gloss making it ideal for projection.

What’s in the Box


Ships with two (2) assorted color Dry-Erase Markers and one (1) EganCloth.

Box Size

Product Code Shipping Weight lbs. Box Width “ Box Height “ Box Depth “
EETBFC3648 54 39 55 4.5