TeamBoard IFP

Egan TeamBoard Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) bring bright, digital content to your presentation and collaboration space. Finger-touch interactivity with our Multitouch and MultiUser interface has never been simpler.

Motivate your audience with various digital content - integrate pictures, videos, renders, and other multimedia into your lesson plans and presentations. You can even take notes, annotate, draw, rotate, and scale all your digital content with simple touchscreen gestures. Furthermore, with an Egan TeamBoard IFP you can describe complex ideas for students, partners, clients, or colleagues - you can tackle problems together and make sure your concepts are explained clearly. The Egan TeamBoard IFP requires no special software to bring your content to life. Easy to install, deploy, maintain and use.




Available in standard sizes between a range of 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” outer diagonal sizes. *Please inquire about stock levels for 55" before placing an order.


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