Training Rooms

Creating an effective seminar and training rooms require more than just seating and tables—they need to be equipped with the right tools to facilitate learning and communication.  

Egan Visual is dedicated to enhancing learning environments with high-quality, functional, training room furniture. Our range of training room furniture is designed to support diverse educational settings, from corporate training sessions to classroom learning.

Collaboration Alcoves

Collaboration Alcoves provide private, versatile spaces for small groups to engage effectively, featuring adjustable furnishings and multiple display options.

Collaboration alcoves  are designated areas designed for focused group interaction within a secluded setting. These spaces, which can be either open or enclosed, comfortably accommodate three to four individuals. Each alcove features a height-adjustable table, complemented by various display surfaces including tackable panels, whiteboards, and video screens.

Modular, Flexible, &
Technology-Integrated Design

Training environments often need to adapt to various activities, requiring furniture that supports different formats such as group work, lectures, and collaborative sessions. Egan Visual’s modular furniture systems allow for easy reconfiguration, with tables and mobile boards rearranged and repositioned to suit the needs of the moment. Additionally, our furniture seamlessly integrates with technology, featuring cable management systems, integrated power outlets, and support for digital devices, ensuring that trainers and participants have access to the necessary tools without clutter or inconvenience.

Seminar and Training Rooms with
Whiteboards, Podiums, & Lecterns

Egan Visual provides comprehensive solutions for seminar and training rooms, including high-quality whiteboards, podiums, and lecterns, each specifically designed to elevate the training experience. Our offerings include ADA-compliant podiums and lecterns, ensuring accessibility for all users.

By integrating our whiteboards, podiums, and lecterns, we create a cohesive and functional environment that enhances both the usability and professionalism of seminar and training spaces. Trainers and speakers benefit from the easily accessible writing surfaces of our whiteboards, the organizational capabilities of our podiums, and the advanced technology integrated into our lecterns. This combination ensures a seamless and effective training experience for all participants.

Summit Areas

Summit Areas are purpose-built for structured interactions and teamwork. These areas, which can be either enclosed or semi-open, accommodate larger groups and are equipped with a variety of display surfaces like tack boards, whiteboards, and credenzas for storage.

Conference Rooms serve as formal settings for meetings and presentations, with large, stationary tables equipped with integrated power, data, and communication outlets. Training Rooms, on the other hand, offer a more adaptable environment suitable for a range of activities from educational sessions to casual presentations, featuring modular tables and versatile seating options.

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