Wall-Mounted Whiteboard

Dimension Whiteboard Slider

by egan Visual

 The Dimension Slider Whiteboard is a wall-mounted, magnetic whiteboard with a horizontal sliding mechanism. It glides smoothly over existing technology like TVs and monitors, allowing easy access without sacrificing wall space.

Dimension Slider Whiteboard

The Dimension Slider Whiteboard is a wall-mounted, magnetic whiteboard with a horizontal sliding mechanism. Our advanced whiteboard sliding system allows you to glide whiteboard panels smoothly over existing technology platforms. With a slim depth of just half an inch, the Dimension Whiteboard Slider will integrate into your existing setup without creating bulk.

For those requiring a more tailored solution, the system allows for panel-linking. This feature enables you to extend the whiteboard surface horizontally, creating a continuous writing or display area that meets your specific needs.

Options & Finishes

The Dimension Slider Whiteboard’s writing surface is made with EVS Technology – an advanced multi-functional writing surface. Built for high-traffic environments, EVS offers guaranteed cleanliness, anti-glare and anti-microbial features, along with projection compatibility.

Our EVS Technology whiteboard surface is designed for digital printing, featuring EganINK, a high-resolution digital printing solution. This capability opens up possibilities to incorporate art and imagery into workplaces, hospitals, schools, transit areas, and more.

Explore how EVS Technology offers a level of versatility that surpasses conventional whiteboard solutions and discover how its flexibility opens new project possibilities for architects and designers.

The sliding panels can also accommodate Cork, Guilford of Maine Fabric, Maharam fabric, or COM fabrics.

Standard Sizes

  • 48”w x 36”h x 3/4”d
  • 48”w x 48”h x 3/4”d
  • 60”w x 48”h x 3/4”d
  • 72”w x 48”h x 3/4”d
  • 77”w x 48”h x 3/4”d
  • 82”w x 51”h x 3/4”d
  • 96”w x 48”h x 3/4”d
  • 120”w x 48”h x 3/4”d

Customized Dimensions: Customers can specify their desired dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for any wall size or room layout.

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