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A-Frame Versa
Mobile Board

by egan Visual

Designed to to support dynamic presentations, collaborative work, and efficient organization, the A-Frame Mobile Board is designed to enhance any workspace with its versatile features and sleek design. Standing at 74 inches with a dual-sided functionality, it offers a choice between an EVS™ dry-erase surface and Egan tackable fabric, catering to various presentation needs.

Dual Purpose Mobile Board

Beyond its versatile surfaces, the A-Frame Mobile Board incorporates a built-in shelf, providing ample storage for up to five additional boards. This feature ensures that all necessary tools and materials are within reach, facilitating a smooth and organized presentation flow. The A-frame comes equipped with a fixed track at the top, ready to mount lightweight VersaBoards or EganSystem Track boards, offering a stable and secure display option for your chosen surfaces.

Construction & Details

The frame design of  the A-Frame VersaMobile Board is characterized by its strong and durable construction, utilizing clear anodized aluminum. This robust framing provides a stable and resilient structure for the various board options in the series, ensuring longevity and consistent performance in dynamic office settings.

Mobile Bases

Standard A-Frame VersaMobile Finishes

Infill options include Dry-erase whiteboard EVS Technology and tackable fabric. 

Construction & Details

      • Height: 74 inches
      • Dual-Sided Design: Offers a choice between EVS™ dry-erase surface and Egan tackable fabric on each side.
      • Customizable Surfaces: Each side can be specified with either the magnetic dry-erase surface or tackable fabric.
      • Integrated Storage: Features a built-in shelf for storing up to five additional boards.
      • Mounting System: Includes a fixed track at the top for mounting lightweight VersaBoards or EganSystem Track boards.
      • Mobility: Equipped with a base featuring locking casters for easy movement and stability.
      • Finish: Ships with a Clear Anodized (CA) aluminum finish.
      • Customization: Allows for different infill per side for tailored presentation needs.
      • Add-Ons: Additional VersaBoards or 202 EganSystem Boards available for purchase separately


Product Literature​



Ships with two (2) assorted color Dry-Erase Markers and one (1) EganCloth

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Built Using EVS Technology

EVS Technology addresses the core needs of professionals by improving functionality, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing space utilization. More than a mere whiteboard surface, it seamlessly integrates into multiple furniture configurations, from demountable walls to modular setups, ensuring aesthetic consistency throughout various environments.

Explore how EVS Technology offers a level of versatility that surpasses conventional whiteboard solutions and discover how its flexibility opens new project possibilities for architects and designers.